WD Editors Intensive

This past weekend I participated in a writing workshop at our offices here in Cincinnati. Writers from all over the country came to participate in workshops and panels hosted by editors from the staff of Writer’s Digest. Topics covered everything from writing techniques to strategies for getting published to using social networking to promote your writing.

I participated in a panel about “Why We Quit Reading.” Which was dedicated to discussing the common pitfalls that writers fall into when sending their work to editors. We covered reasons why as editors, we might stop reading a submission and reject it. Some of the most common reasons are when writers try to explain too much backstory through dialogue, shift point of view too often or use POV incorrectly, fail to set up a conflict and a plot soon enough, or when the pacing or the structure of the story causes confusion or boredom.

edintensestraws1Writers discuss their work in one on one sessions with WD editors.
One days of the workshop was dedicated to one on one sessions between writers and editors. I had a chance to read several manuscripts and meet with writers to discuss their ideas and offer suggestions for improvement.

Overall, I read a lot of things with some real potential. All the writers who attended seemed to enjoy the event and find it helpful. I wish everyone who attended the best of luck with their projects and encourage everyone to check out our next Editor’s Intensive event which is scheduled for June (more info to come).


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