The Spirit of Giving

It all started with President Obama, it seems, though of course, community service and donating — time, money, food, etc.– has been around for much longer than his presidential run. But giving seems to be in the air, and I have to say that I like what I’ve been seeing. It’s not so much on the formal level, though we’re having our annual Fine Arts Fund drive right now, and that’s a worthy cause– I volunteer for them in another capacity, as well, and it’s made me a bit more aware of all the arts programs we have in this community.

But it seems to be affecting individuals the world over, which is why I was heartened to see several of my friends give to another friend struggling to make her rent this month. This all happened online, and yeah, donating money to “strangers” on the internet does have its pitfalls, but it highlights a few things for me, most of which is how the words “strangers” and “friends” and “community” have been redefined in the 21st Century.

Servicing and helping out our communities work on both the local and the global scale, and I love being part of it. The Cincinnati Mini-marathon and heartwalk is this Sunday and I and my sister will be part of it. I’m supporting my local community as well, and the pledges I received? Came from such diverse places as Britain and Italy, among others.

If you’re local to Cincy, come out and support Harry’s Helpers; I’ll be one of them, and cheer everyone on, and if you know someone walking, pledge them.

Or if you prefer, you can always pledge money to the Fine Arts Fund. Trust me, it’s worth your dime.


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