Delayed Gratification


I started work here as an editor last June: My nine-month-eversary is next Monday. And finally, finally, finally this week the first book I’ve worked on start to finish is in stores. Mail Me Art. In a fast-paced world, waiting this long for a finished product seems strange, but, alas good things often take time. I’ve seen the book (it’s gorgeous). I have copy here at work. I’ve seen it on Amazon and But I’ve been eagerly waiting to see it in a real store so I can buy a cup of coffee before I face it out on the shelf.

Today I braved the Kenwood lunch traffic to go to Barnes and Noble. I perused the Graphic Design shelf, scanning A, B, C, D, Di Lieto. Nothing. So I headed to the desk. The helpful associate looked it up. “We don’t carry it. It looks like I can order it for you.” I looked at her, disinterested. “None of our stores in the area carry it.” Oh! Unacceptable! I thanked her and left.

So my delayed gratification is further delayed. I’m on a quest. I will see Mail Me Art in a store. According to it’s “likely in store” at several area locations; I’ve always liked Borders better anyway. I’ll keep you posted.


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