To your left…

Given the statistic that one person in ten is left-handed, I find it intriguing that of the six of us in Marketbooks, three of us are southpaws. Back during election time, we had a discussion about the fact that no matter who won, we’d have another lefty in office, as both McCain and President Obama are left-handed.

In fact, of the past several presidents, Ford, Reagan, Bush Sr., and Clinton were also left-handed.

My right-handed friends don’t often understand all the daily struggles we lefties go through and why I got so excited to discover my niece is (another one in the family! Yes!!!). I can explain how it makes dinner table arrangements a bit easier, as we can simply sit on one side together rather than having to arrange everything so I’m on an end. Always being on the edge means I miss parts of conversations.

Being left-handed often leads to looking like a klutz when dealing with right-handed equipment. Did you know that more than 2500 lefties die each year as a result of accidents with right-handed equipment? And have you ever priced (or, in some cases even tried to find) left-designed stuff?

But it’s not all woe, and it’s certainly not like I’m truly suffering on a daily basis. It does mean I have a certain sympathy for my mom, though, who will soon be going in for surgery on her right (dominant) hand because of carpal tunnel syndrome.

As we sat at the table the other night, trying to write and draw with our opposing hands and laughing at the results, I thought about how the Catholic school made my father learn to write right-handed, and how the same school, years later, made one last-ditch effort to do the same thing to me, before my mother went and made it very clear she would not put up with old superstitions and methods.

For too long, lefties have conformed to a righty world, but on the other hand, we’re creative and adaptable, and studies show, we tend to be independent thinkers. National Left-handed day is apparently not until August, but I say we make this the year of the lefty, where it’s fun to be left-handed every day. We’re in good company.


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