January blitz

I keep hearing about the post-holiday blues, but it seems to me that so much is gearing up it’s impossible to be down in the dumps. Here at work the verification process and updates for the 2010 Market books are kicking into gear, my awesome sister is about to begin training for the Flying Pig Marathon, which she completed last year (a modified 26.2 race), and I now have a year’s worth of movies, books, and music to anticipate.

I’m not a runner, myself, but I did seriously consider signing up this year. My sister runs with Team for Life which gives their money toward Cystic Fibrosis, and one of her teammates and best friends has CF. It’s pretty amazing watching him beat the disease and knowing that there are people like him and my sister trying to help others, and that’s my goal this year: to make the world a happier, better place, even if it’s just in some small way (or a bunch of small ways).

Ultimately, though, the prospect of training for that left me feeling less than thrilled. I figure I’ll help out by giving money toward my sister’s run and walking and maybe even doing a bit of running with her while she trains. I’ll be there to cheer her on come race day, like I did last year. But that doesn’t mean I can’t walk in some 5k races! Maybe in October I’ll be ready to do the Run Like Hell, or maybe I’ll find some other way to use my talents for good, and not for evil.

In the meantime, I’ll resume my weekly skating on Wednesday nights with my friends. Talk about fun fitness! Give me roller skates any day. This year is going to be awesome, and I’m enjoying all the anticipation and activity as it kicks into high gear.

What are you all looking forward to this year?


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