Words, Words, Words

The academy has revealed it’s Grammy nominees—and I couldn’t care less. For something truly fascinating I turn to Merriam-Webster (yup, the dictionary). They just revealed the Top 10 Words of the Year based on the number and frequency of lookups on their site. Not surprisingly, the list is politics and economy themed and generally depressing. I think perhaps my favorites are precipice and misogyny. (One reason misogyny was probably looked up so much because it’s a pain to spell. I wonder how many times mysoginy, misogny, and missoginy were looked up.) Here’s the full top 10:

  1. bailout
  2. vet
  3. socialism
  4. maverick
  5. bipartisan
  6. trepidation
  7. precipice
  8. rogue
  9. misogyny
  10. turmoil

M-W.com also has a link to past years’ winners. It’s fun to look and see how the lists capture the tone of each year. Overall, the lists are characterized by politics and technology. Quagmire and (bi)partisan were the only repeat offenders (unless I missed some). There were four words I didn’t know: blamestorm, sardoodledom, Pecksniffian, and peloton. From the lists I’ve compiled my top 10 favorites (in no particular order, for no particular reasons really):

  1. trepidation
  2. precipice
  3. quixotic
  4. apathetic
  5. charlatan
  6. vendetta
  7. inept
  8. cicada
  9. defenestration
  10. gubernatorial

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