Some post-Thanksgiving heavy thoughts

I’m the kind of guy that when I hear some bad news–and by bad news I mean news of the tragic variety–it tends to stick with me all day. It just sort of haunts me. I feel sad for the people it happened to. I think about what if it happened to my own family, and then I try really hard to put it out of my mind very quickly so that I don’t get any visual imagery (one of the troubles of being a writer, I think, is that you tend to quickly turn words into imagery and then you start inventing a plot and scenery and before you know it you’ve created a whole scene in your head–not fun when it’s something you would rather not see). And now you’re probably wondering why all the foreboding? What awful thing has happened? (My wife often accuses me of being an alarmist because of the way I deliver news).

I’m finding a hard time getting started working this morning because of a couple of things I found out about. I teach a martial arts class on Tuesday nights and last night one of my students told me that she hadn’t been in class for a while because her brother had been shot and killed. Then, this morning I came in to work to read an email about a fellow F+W employee whose home was destroyed in a fire. So I’ve been trying to check emails and start my day, but just can’t seem get my mind off of these tragedies and the people who have had their lives changed by them.

I decided to blog about it here, partly to get it out and partly to remind myself (and anyone reads this post) to remember the important things. Our workdays, weekly agendas, errands and obligations have a way of taking over. It’s easy to become consumed by routine. Take a few minutes to do something really important: call your mom and tell her you were thinking about her, stop by a coworker’s cube and ask them about something they care about, or simply take a minute to be grateful for everything you have.

I know Thanksgiving was last week, but doesn’t it mean even more if you celebrate the things you are thankful for on just another day?


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