The Next Harry Potter


So in a post about Twilight (yes, I realize that the book—or movie—doesn’t need any more publicity, thank you), you might expect me to go on about the cultural phenomenon, the screaming teen girl bandwagon, the lack of literary merit, the excess of media attention.

I won’t. This book is one of the reasons I became an editor. Maybe I’m still an angst-filled teenage girl at heart, but I am fully entrenched in the world of Edward and Bella. Whenever I can escape into a world where characters feel like real people, where I care what is going to happen to them, no matter that they’re fictional, where real emotions meld with and ground fantastical storylines, I am happy. It’s one of the biggest luxuries in life, to be able to get so absorbed that you can leave the real world for a bit.

So I won’t knock it.

And I will admit that I found myself online last night, reading the twelve leaked chapters of Midnight Sun that Stephenie Meyer posted on her website.

I’m a little late to the party, but I’m a fangirl now, too.


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