Changing Seasons

After a week of 75-degree weather, a cold front is making its way across Cincinnati today. Lines of dense dark clouds are passing overhead, there’s a cold mist in the air, and the temperature at lunch was at least ten degrees cooler than it had been earlier this morning.

We’re experiencing the change of season inside, too. In the publishing world, books are grouped into one of two seasons: either spring or fall. With the onset of November, we find ourselves beginning work on the last of the titles scheduled for spring release, and looking forward to the books ahead.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be finalizing titles and art direction for the fall season. Then the designers will begin to produce covers and sample interior designs for each title. It’s both my favorite and least favorite part of the season. It’s surely our most creative period, but also the most demanding.

I’m already looking forward to seeing the design for Vampire Haiku, keeping my eye out for an illustrator for The Art of Manliness, and pondering what exactly is involved in a Fiction Attack. Once the titles have been finalized, I’ll really be sinking my teeth in (get it? vampire… teeth?). But in the mean time, I’ll be digging out my sweaters for the cold weather ahead.


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