Election Day Coffee

Today, the line for my free coffee was longer than the line at my polling station. At 8:30 am, voting took me five minutes.

Not so in other stations. In the line at Starbucks, people were talking about their varying wait times. I’m just glad people are voting. And free coffee is always nice, at least if you’re a coffee junkie, like me.

Like the rest of the world, I’m going to be watching to see what Ohio does today, but unlike many of my coworkers and friends, I don’t live in this state, despite the fact that I’m closer to downtown Cincinnati than most Cincinnatians. Ohio has voted with the winner in almost every election since 1948 except 1960, I believe, but no pressure, friends, really.

All teasing aside, I’m glad the election is almost over. I want my yard back, free of election signs, and I want to be able to have a conversation that doesn’t involve politics. But for today, of course, I’ll be watching, coffee in hand, history unfold.

So go vote and get your free coffee. If you don’t like coffee, give it to me. I’ll never turn down coffee, especially when it’s free.


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