The New Guy

Hi there. My name is Scott and I’ve worked for the company for about six and a half years.

Today is my first day.

I suppose I should explain. I’ve been hired as an editor after having worked in marketing during my tenure here. So, while the faces and the environment is the same, I’m looking at a completely new set of responsibilities and challenges.

I’m super excited to have a chance to work on the creative team who put together the books that I worked to market for so long. There’s also good deal of pressure to do well, since I’ve worked alongside this team for so long and know what great work they do. I’m excited, nervous, and anxious to get started all at the same time. But mostly, I feel honored and privileged that these smart and funny people picked me for their team.

Imagine all of the excitement of starting a new job and being lucky enough to work with friends that you’ve had for several years all at the same time. I consider myself very lucky and just want to say thanks to my co-workers for supporting me during what has been a really strange transition.

Who am I?

I’m the new guy.


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