Creating a Monster

The effect that autumn has never fails to astound me. Every season has its moments of inspiration, but the hot, lazy days of summer, the new growth of spring, and the cold, shivery winter nights don’t seem to hold quite the same magic as a crisp fall day.

Fall has always seemed a much more appropriate “beginning” of the year than New Year’s. There’s back-to-school sales and new school supplies, sweaters and football season to look forward to (or dread, I suppose). For me, two years ago it was a plane ride to England; last year it was a plane ride back. Each beginning comes with a reinvention of myself; foreigner and ex-pat, and prodigal daughter.

That reinvention is what I love about Halloween. Buffy the Vampire Slayer once said, “It’s come as you aren’t” night but I think it’s also a chance to explore other traits and aspects of our personality. Feeling grouchy? Dress up as a monster. It’s less about performance than it is about having fun and letting down one’s hair, so to speak (I don’t recommend anyone dress up as Lady Godiva, it’s a bit too cold for those kinds of shenanigans).

I haven’t decided on my costume yet, but I better get crackin’. It’s just around the corner. I’ll give it some thought tonight, when sipping hot tea and curling up with a blanket and a good book. I’m thinking Frankenstein.


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