Craigslist ad. Ironic or careless? You decide.

When a friend of mine forwarded this Craigslist ad to me, begging me to send it along to my editors on the Writer’s Digest staff, we all  wondered whether or not this writer’s intent was to be ironic.

It’s hard to say. Considering the numerous misspellings, the run-on-and-on-and-on sentence, and then of course the solicitation of ideas, it’s hard to take this person seriously as a professional writer.

Could it be a joke or is it safe to assume this person is the professional equivalent of those students who visit college writing labs and somehow manipulate the undergrads into writing the term papers for her?


1 Response to “Craigslist ad. Ironic or careless? You decide.”

  1. 1 melissahill October 16, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    I choose (perhaps against my better judgment) to believe that this person is trying to be funny. Mostly because if I choose to believe that this is an honest effort, I’ll have no choice but to run home (literally), sit down in a dark corner of my bedroom, throw a blanket over my head, pull my knees up under my chin, rock back and forth, and mutter semi-coherently about commas and the end of the world.

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