Oh, glorious autumn. I can’t tell you how much I love the fall. I was walking into work yesterday morning and heard the sounds of a marching band (seriously). I started thinking about high school football games (man, how I hated sports in high school, but the sound of them=instant nostalgia). I’ve been giving lots of thought to the fact that Halloween finally falls on the weekend again and am planning what will probably be the last full-fledged party that I ever try to throw (and the way the economy is going it might just be one of the last parties, period.) I’ve decided it’s pretty much the last party.

I’m having a hard time focusing on work. There’s Halloween plans to be made, and writing to be done. I can’t walk my dog without coming up with what seems like a million plot twists for the screenplay in my head. I can’t tell you about it. It’s too freakin’ good. And you might try to steal it for yourself. Too often I tell people my story ideas because I get so excited about them I just have to blab them out. I’ve been blabbing about a lot of stuff lately. I think it’s the weather. Fall makes me want to talk to people more and do stuff outside. And write horror movies. Really smart, super scary, but not gory horror movies. Something with mood and atmosphere… I’m about to say too much.

Plus, I guess I’ve got some marketing to do today. Sigh.


1 Response to “October”

  1. 1 amyschell October 8, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    Scott, I heard that marching band yesterday morning, too! I thought I was crazy. I’m glad someone else heard it.

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