How my office looks when I wake up in the morning!

How my office looks when I wake up in the morning!

Okay, I have a confession to make. I’m one of the few F+W Media employees not based in the Midwestern States of Ohio and Wisconsin (Big 10 country!). And it gets worse, because I’m actually a minority of a minority: I telecommute to work. After more than 30 years of living in Southwest Ohio and 8 years of commuting to the Cincinnati office, I packed up my office and relocated to the Atlanta area earlier this week.

So far, here’s the “plus” list:

  • My round-trip commute is now about 15 inches and roughly 3 seconds, as opposed to the “good old days” of a little less than 2 hours when I was driving back and forth from Dayton, Ohio.
  • The office is as quiet as I need it to be. No pages over the phone that include an extra 30 seconds of small talk before the pager realizes the phone is still on; no listening in on some of the “crazy calls” other editors receive; no fire alarm tests early in the morning (exactly when my head is not ready for loud noise and flashing lights).
  • The office is as loud as I need it to be. For instance, I was totally jamming out to this Scissor Sisters station I set up on Pandora. It made it so much easier to create database instructions for our programmers while also breakdancing in my chair.
  • Cost savings, yo! Did I mention my commute does not require a car? That’s like 100+ miles every day that I’m not driving. And while my car gets some great gas mileage, it’s even cheaper when it’s biggest trip is a mile down the road to go Krogering.

The quick “minus” list:

  • No more Skyline Chili (Cincinnati-based restaurant) or Marion’s Pizza (Dayton’s–& the world’s–best pizza). I guess the positive spin is that I should lose some weight as a result of freeing myself from those addictive 3-ways and pizza pies.
  • Already missing my co-workers, including overhearing those “crazy” calls and just barging into someone’s cube to vent or ask a “dumb question” or whatever. There’s not enough that can be said about feeling included in a community.

Lucky for me, the timing of this move coincides with an exciting development in the site history as we launched a community area on the site that allows subscribers to build personal profiles and blogs while also networking with other serious writers. But the best part–from my perspective anyway–is that I’m automatically everyone’s friend! That’s right; I’m like Tom from MySpace–only, I hope I’m an even cooler friend for writers.

This morning I already used the community area on the site to answer some questions, “talk” to fellow editor Amy Schell, and comment on a cool blog post by my former next-door-cube-neighbor (and BEA travel buddy) Lauren Mosko. So while I expect this community area to really help writers get even more power out of their subscriptions, I know it will also help me feel connected as I represent F+W Media in the South.


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