Pie Pandemonium

Fact: Oliver Cromwell banned the eating of pie in 1644, declaring it a pagan form of pleasure. For 16 years, pie eating and making went underground until the Restoration leaders lifted the ban on pie in 1660.

To prevent the crimes of the past from recurring in the future, we at F+W had a day to honor the greatness of PIE.

September was our month to plan the company party; we settled on Kelly’s proposal: a pie party. Why a pie theme? some may ask. Because we like pie. Everybody likes pie. Why not a pie party? Those naysayers are just jealous they weren’t invited, indignant they didn’t think of it first… and now they’re probably craving a nice slice of homemade apple pie, served warm, ala mode.

We’ve been planning and plotting for our pie-themed party for weeks. Alice headed up pie party paraphernalia procurement and payment (getting stuff) and Amy presided over the pie party parade of pint-sized ponderings (thinking of the details and getting people to take care of them).

We began our pie-party promotion with teaser signs to get people talking. This perspicacious marketing strategy was designed by Grace. Next we put out a Pie Press Release online and began the Great F+W Pie Poll. And finally another pie-poster.

The party featured:

A pie baking contest, judged by F+W Execs Jane, Jamie, and Sara.

Best Fruit Pie, Irish Michelmas Pie, Debbi Paolello

Best Cream Pie, Brutus’s Buckeye Pie, Sally Slack

Best Other Pie (also Best in Show), Dang It, I’m Grown Up Stop Treating Me Like a Child Chocolate Peanut Butter Mini Pies, Megan Patrick

Best Named Pie, Fanciful & Wondrous Pecan Pie (pictured above), Melissa Hill

A pieku poetry contest. (That’s right, haiku about pie.) Any amalgamation of poetry and pie is a beautiful thing.

Best Pieku, Suzanne Lucas (for her Twin Peaks pieku)

cup of hot coffee
with a slice of cherry pie
is heaven on earth

yummy flakey crust
molten lava of cherry
ice cream melts real slow

slowly sip your joe
take one bite, then another
just like Agent Dale

Cooper, from Twin Peaks
pretty Laura Palmer dead
her daddy did it

A pi-formance contest. Who can recite the most digits of pi. 3 .14159265…

Best Pi-formance, Jennifer Claydon knew 51 digits!

A piehole game. Throw the mini-pie-pan in the piehole and win. Picture-perfectly produced by Terri!

Pedantic pursuits: Trivial Pursuit cards, with those famous little pie-shaped pieces, as table decoration for a little mental stimulation right before the sugar coma sets in.

A piechart of the pie poll results, created and color-coded by Claudean.

Overall, a pie-rrific time was had by all.

*Please pardon my pretentious p-word pageantry; the pie has gone to my head!


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