A New Blog by the Folks at F+W Media

1921 Writer's Digest cover

1921 Writer's Digest cover

Writer’s Digest magazine was one of the very first publications of F+W Media, released for the first time in March 1921. (Trivia tidbit: Writer’s Digest had a very brief life as Successful Writing magazine from December 1920 to February 1921, by Atlas Publishing.)

Since then, Writer’s Digest has always been the “W” in F+W.

In that debut issue, this was the very first paragraph of the very first article, “Why I Rejected Ten Thousand Manuscripts” by W. Adolphe Roberts, formerly editor of Ainslee’s Magazine and president of the Writers’ Club of New York.

The editor worthy of the name realizes that he has a triple responsibility. In selecting manuscripts, he must please the public first of all. But he must also please the owners of his magazine and he must please himself. He cannot make a success of his job unless all three demands are satisfied in every issue.

And so describes our goal with this blog: We hope to please you, our readers; we hope to please the people at F+W; and we hope to please ourselves. Welcome.


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